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Each End-Point Assessment plan is different and you can access specific detail by clicking on the appropriate link below. This page is designed to give you an overview of the different activities within the end-point assessment and how the apprentice is supported through the process.

Apprentice Registered on Quest E-Portal

The centre can register the apprentice with Quest EPAO at any stage from the apprentice commencing their apprenticeship through to 90 days prior to end-point assessment being required (Quest EPAO can reduce this time under certain circumstances). Registration is via the Quest registration system on the Quest E-Portal and the apprentices can be either registered individually or via a bulk upload service. 

Expected Gateway Date – When registering an apprentice on the E-Portal, you will be asked to enter an Expected Gateway Date. This should be completed but can be changed throughout the apprenticeship to keep Quest EPAO up to date with progress, which helps us when allocating an Independent end-point assessor.

Centre uploads documentation to evidence Gateway Readiness

Once an apprentice has been registered, the centre can start uploading documentation and evidence required to demonstrate Gateway Readiness. Once all the required information has been uploaded including the signed declaration form stating that all required elements of the apprenticeship standard delivery have been met, the system allows you to request a Gateway Readiness check

A member of Quest EPAO’s administration team will check the documentation uploaded meets all the requirements of Gateway. They will communicate with the centre, if required, request any further evidence required prior to the apprentice passing through the Gateway. The administrator will also arrange the planning meeting date and time and ensure everyone can access the E-Portal

Planning Meeting

The planning meeting is arranged following Gateway. The end-point assessment process is an assessment of knowledge and skills learned and practiced by the apprentice during their apprenticeship and not a test of nerves. This is a good opportunity for the apprentice to meet the end-point assessor and ask any questions, or discuss any concerns they may have.

The planning meeting enables all parties (Apprentice, Employer, Centre, End-Point Assessor) to discuss the End-Point assessment process ensuring that everyone is aware of all the assessments within the end-point assessment, possible outcomes and their role and responsibilities within the process

The assessments will be discussed and the dates and times for each assessment will be agreed with an appropriate chosen. Quest EPAO can offer evening and weekend assessment when appropriate. Any requests for reasonable adjustment or special considerations, which haven’t been previously considered can also be discussed at this point 


The assessments will be carried out in line with the relevant end-point assessment plan and feedback will be given, as appropriate within 48 hours of each assessment. Where an assessment is not passed first time, information will be provided on how the apprentice can resit the assessment.  The assessments will usually take place via the E-Portal with observations taking place face to face.

Results and Grading

Each End-Point Assessment plan has its own results and grading criteria, which the Independent end-point assessor will adhere to. Some plans allow for the apprentice to achieve a Pass, Merit, Distinction or Fail and some a Pass, Distinction, or Fail.


Links to the End-Point Assessment Plans currently offered by Quest EPAO are below



Good Luck with your Apprenticeship and Quest EPAO is here to answer any questions you may have

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